Lindsay Trimble

Lindsay Trimble, known as LT to many of her friends, is an elite DH mountain bike racer. Riding mainly on the North Shore of Vancouver, she lives and works in Burnaby, BC and is on her bike any chance she gets. This season she will be competing in Canada Cups, BC Cups, Canadian National Championships, and the Oregon Enduro Series with the support of Rocky Mountain Bikes and the Bryson Racing Clan. Check in for updates on rides, races and results throughout the season!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fromme in the Snow - with video!

I woke up Saturday to a bright sunny day, and in Vancouver sun in the wintertime is definitely not something that is taken for granted. It seems that I wasn't the only one thinking that because there were lots of bikers and hikers out on Fromme when I got there at 11 am. Not entirely surprisingly despite the sun everywhere else in Vancouver, it was snowing pretty hard on the mountain. We rode up past the snow line which was around the 4th switchback, then rode down Leopard and Krinkum Krankum followed by a couple laps of Bobsled to finish off the day. Here's a short video of the snowy scene on Fromme this weekend.

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