Lindsay Trimble

Lindsay Trimble, known as LT to many of her friends, is an elite DH mountain bike racer. Riding mainly on the North Shore of Vancouver, she lives and works in Burnaby, BC and is on her bike any chance she gets. This season she will be competing in Canada Cups, BC Cups, Canadian National Championships, and the Oregon Enduro Series with the support of Rocky Mountain Bikes and the Bryson Racing Clan. Check in for updates on rides, races and results throughout the season!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whistler-Fluidride Cup #1

This weekend was the first of the Fluidride Cup series that takes place mainly in the states, but the first race was on some familiar trails in the Whistler bike park, so I thought I'd check it out. The race course started at the top of Schleyer, crossed the fire road to Detroit Rock City, then ended in a straight away down the the finish line near the top of the boneyard. It was a fun, technical course, and although I've ridden the trails many times, I've never tried racing down them so I ended up spending a lot of time Saturday picking lines through all the rocks.
On saturday it rained most of the day so the rocks were slick and the wood was even slicker. Luckily for the racers, Sunday the rain stopped so the course dried up a bit. I had a clean race run and ended up finishing first in the Women's Category 1 open division. Next up is the 3rd BC cup race down Neds this weekend. (Photo: Cameron Hunter)

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