Lindsay Trimble

Lindsay Trimble, known as LT to many of her friends, is an elite DH mountain bike racer. Riding mainly on the North Shore of Vancouver, she lives and works in Burnaby, BC and is on her bike any chance she gets. This season she will be competing in Canada Cups, BC Cups, Canadian National Championships, and the Oregon Enduro Series with the support of Rocky Mountain Bikes and the Bryson Racing Clan. Check in for updates on rides, races and results throughout the season!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Canadian DH Nationals

On July 5th the Clan arrived in Quebec City to compete at the Canadian DH Nationals at Mont Sainte Anne.  We were lucky to have some awesome hosts in Quebec City that housed us, fed us and helped us practice our butchering of the french language.  Here are a few photos from our travels.

The rental place was out of mini-vans, so we got stuck with an SUV.  Fitting the gear of 3 racers, plus 3 bikes was no easy task.  Good thing Jeff is the "tetris king".

Thursday, course walk.

Bottom of the course, from the last step up looking back.

The best part about Quebec is definitely some getting my hands on some fresh curd.

I had a crash on my second run on the first day of practice.

The aftermath of bottoming out on a rock.  I didn't know that could happen to a chain guide.  My chain ring was split in two.

My knee hurts.  1 hr post crash... 

My knee on Sunday, still sore, but able to ride.

Clan rider Cody Ratte on his race run.

Clan rider Jeff.  Is that a dirty sock in your chamois or are you just happy to see me?

Dinner post race.  People like these are the reason I race.  The best.

In case you're not sure how to do it.

Clan team photo.  


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  2. Jeff's looking good in that shot up there drinking the beer... HA!