Lindsay Trimble

Lindsay Trimble, known as LT to many of her friends, is an elite DH mountain bike racer. Riding mainly on the North Shore of Vancouver, she lives and works in Burnaby, BC and is on her bike any chance she gets. This season she will be competing in Canada Cups, BC Cups, Canadian National Championships, and the Oregon Enduro Series with the support of Rocky Mountain Bikes and the Bryson Racing Clan. Check in for updates on rides, races and results throughout the season!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Season Recap 2011

After a whirlwind summer of traveling and racing all over British Columbia I am happy to have my first season of racing Elite under my belt.

My goals for this season were to make it onto the podium at least once in my first season of Elite, avoid any season-ending injuries, and gain as much experience as possible riding new tracks, new terrain and learning from my fellow racers. I knew this season would be a lot tougher than racing in Senior expert because there are some world-class riders racing at the elite level here in B.C. I was prepared to be at the back of the pack, but excited to compete against ladies that would push me to get faster, smarter, and better.

I was a little disappointed with my results early in the season, but as I raced more and gained experience I felt that my times improved and my confidence increased. I finished the season on a high note, coming 3rd at Mt Washington and 1st at Hemlock, the last two races on the BC cup circuit.

I am already looking forward to trying my hand at cyclocross racing in the fall, spending some quality time in the Whistler bike park, followed by some wet winter Vancouver riding.

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Bikes, CCN and of course my biggest fan, D'Arcy O'Connor, for all the support and such a fun season!

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